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Elder’s Grove – Konjito
A preliminary expedition to survey the ruins of Lemuria has returned early due to dangerous winter weather conditions. The expedition had planned to establish a base camp within the ruins of the former site of Oshito Academy, then explore outward from there over the course of several weeks. The leader of the expedition, Tsuka Takeo, made the decision to return early upon advice of the Yazata weather council.

Elders Grove – The Market
A press conference was held today by the mayor’s representative Maxwell Quintain announcing a new trade agreement between Elder’s Grove, and the settlement of Downings. “Freer travel means more opportunities for entrepreneurs, who are the engine of our new economy. We welcome this agreement with officials in Downings, and hope this indicates a new level of trust and respect between our communities. May we all prosper through peaceful co-existence..”

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  • Master Sun Kai Ru says:

    I second Mr. Quintain’s sentiments and applaud the announced trade agreement between Elder’s Grove and Downings. The more we band together and support each other, the better we all will do in the future. Peaceful agreements that lead to the mutual benefit of all parties are the path forward.

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