Heroic Rescue in Gatetown


A Gate Town response team rescued a convoy of Free Szgany from Szgany soldiers acting on the orders of Prince Arioch after their convoy was caught in a deadly ambush on the Old Road. Witnesses report that the soldiers were forcing the Free Szgany to partake in a religious ritual of Dyzan called “the Sacrament” by drinking a chemical concoction that binds the Szgany to their Lords.

A young woman of the Free Szgany, who wished to remain unnamed, managed to slip free of the ambush and make her way to Gate Town for aid. A response team was quickly formed to free the convoy and escort it to safety. Reached for commentary, Baron Elijah Morgan Kell was quick to compliment the response, saying “I am always amazed how the people of Gate Town, really all of the colonists on Eclipse, will rally so quickly to defend others, as if we are all one people.”

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