Party in Gatetown


Attention to those visiting Gatetown!

There are some people that worry that their culture may disappear into non-existence with so many other cultures abounding. I’m here today to remind some people about the Fringer culture. Not the part about complaining about oppression or outdoing each other with the ‘who grew up in the worst environment game’. Or the part about surviving by the skin of our teeth. But the core part, the important part. The Part-Y part. Where we throw a party at the drop of a hat.

This hat-drop is brought to you buy new and improved, upgraded barracks and bathrooms in Gate Town!

Everyone is invited to bring random snacks for random parties throughout our next visit to Gate Town!

Wondering how they updated those old decrepit things? They didn’t, they just build new ones. So fork right instead of left as we experience new bathrooms and a new version of ambush alley!


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  • Master Sun Kai Ru says:

    How about those of us with a long standing tradition or randomly showing up at Fringer parties and eating random snacks? :)

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