Don’t Go to Atlantis


People of Middian,

Consider this a serious travel advisory. Don’t go to Atlantis. There is fighting going on here, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re being attacked by King’s men, Memno-whatevers, Magistra Techno, Swordbrothers, Tide Guard, Forest Guard. But whoever it is, they think you are seriously someone else. I brought a little something there, well, maybe it wasn’t technically legal, but it’s just a good time. Just a little run from Downings, and those Ex-whore guys pay well. Guess that’s done, because everyone hates the Ex-whores.

Well anyway, people just kept wanting to swing swords at each other. And then one side “taxed” our goods, and then another. Pretty soon, it was all gone, and that was my money. Anyway, don’t go to Atlantis. They’re all crazy over here. I just found this little comm station, it just started working. So people, don’t come here. Unless you’re coming to save old Mondy, in which case, totally come here.

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