Downings, CO


Greetings citizens of Downings,

We are at a crossroads. Gary Sigsour is dead. Richter is dead. The Skulls have gone extinct. We all know, without a doubt, that this World is covered by those who would kill us all. Perhaps it is time for an end to gangs. Perhaps we who were forged on the Fringe, should pull together, and cast out that which Divides us. Perhaps it is time to grow up.

Due to the efforts of brave people, I have learned that many of the people who have been dividing us have been serving a master. Some call it a God, some seek to use this demon for their own ends. Some are misguided, and have been tricked. The name of this master is Eidolon, and it is the enemy of all the free peoples of this world. Eclipse, Middian, Home. It has many names, but it is still the best world we have to live on. Eidolon seeks to tear apart the goodness in these fragile communities we have made. We refugees from Origo. And our new allies from other worlds, or who called this one their home long before we knew it existed.

I urge all people of Good Heart to stand together, to resist. To listen to the Sermons of Rook, at the Compound. Sermons which were recorded, and played here in Downings. Of Preacher Jonas Hart, of our own Downings. Of Shanti Lalan, who I hear stories of from many settlements. J’Quon, or Alharon, or J’Toth, of the Quar’ri. To listen to my Daughter Tamlin, or her friends Quinn or Z. To Bak, known as Desba, one of the finest Athletes of Erlik. To the quiet Skitz, or the trusted Jakoby Parsen. And to oh so many of the brave Gatekeepers.

I urge you to allow peaceful negotiations to begin immediately, and the cessation of hostilities between Elder’s Grove and the Library. I urge you to join me in creating a document that we can all agree to here in Downings. To truly create a thriving settlement, that guarantees liberty to all, whatever that may mean. To join me at the table, and let the conversation begin.

Nadia Solarii
Solarii Consortium

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