Uncool raids must end!


So, seriously. This is your divine reporter from the world famous Library, Kitty Barclay. Well, the spring is slowly turning into summer again, but the only fashion we get is the latest in military fatigues. It’s all the rage now. No girl would be caught dead dating someone who’s not working to defend our home. And everyone knows that all the hottest guys are in uniforms this year. Even the one and only BAV signed up. And they’re not dating the girls who aren’t serving. So find out how you can serve, and be involved in the finest fashion of all.

And really, our last shipment of materials and fabrics out of Atlantis was hijacked by those damned ruffians out of Elder’s Grove. Not that there aren’t some fashionable people in Elder’s Grove (I’m looking at you, Zebulon Mandragora. And of course Elder Cypress, in a classic sort of way.) I just can’t believe it. Right now, there are some big thuggy fringers roaming around in the finest purples on Eclipse. And so soft. We were going to make some amazing things this season. And then this happened.

I mean, no one has seen Juris Vinro in weeks. Nobody knows what happens if we just turn him over, but it doesn’t seem right. You know what I mean? If they weren’t already attacking us, maybe we could talk. Well, I’m calling them out. I think Maxwell Quintain has a tiny little…finger. I think he needs to find women that are easier to please. Paying them is just not enough anymore. I think the people leading this attack are scared little bitches. So put me on your list too. I’m calling you out. This is Kitty Barclay, signing off.

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