Ephric attacks on the rise


Once extremely rare away from the webgates, there have been an alarming number of attacks by what one local scientist calls ‘Ephric Spirits’. What others might call ‘Chills’ or ‘Shivers’. This week alone, there have been sightings of five confirmed groups of the malignant creatures. They have been heroically dispatched by the Franja Partiers, and King Sigsour. It is a good thing that the Partiers have assumed responsibility for safeguarding the Imperial Way. No one critical has been killed in these attacks, but it is only a matter of time. No one seems to know where these entities are coming from, but they are much more common along less traveled webways. It is unknown as to what they were doing in Downings, other than attacking those they encountered. If there was any greater purpose, or why, it seems to be beyond us. Be afraid, Downings. But put your faith in King Sigsour. He’ll keep our homes Safe, and Free.

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  • Bright says:

    Its those damn Memnon! Worshiping dark things in the webways, calling on demons, and the Shivers. They should be kicked out and made to leave us alone!

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