Elder’s Grove Speaks


Maxwell Quintain, mayor of Elder’s Grove, and the head of the Elder’s Grove Defense Force, has recently given a press conference. In it, he showed proof of a plot originating in the Library. There had been a force called Forza, which was being hired and trained not only for the eventual suppression of House Kree, but also to be a secret force which destabilized other settlements. They were behind the recent assault on Elder’s Grove. Investigators have determined that the attack on the Meurlain was a cover to assassinate Mayor Green. Elder’s Grove spies have had vengeance on the one directly responsible, Wilhelm Bremmer, an aide to Juras Vinro. They have since found proof that Vinro himself has been behind the turbulence, and is responsible for a string of murder and mayhem. It was their plan to put the other settlements in place, murder the leaders of House Kree, and declare a new Empire. With Juras Vinro as it’s Emperor.

Now, the evil scheme has been disrupted. Elder’s Grove is mustering forces, and has released an arrest warrant for Vinro, his close family, and associates. It declares the lawfulness of this action, and that anyone blocking this important act of law should also surrender, or face arrest or death. The men of Kotantown and Konjito stand ready to serve this warrant. The Yazata have resisted, and many claim that Elder Cypress is urging for caution and more facts. But action is imminent, as these vile perpetrators must be apprehended, at any cost.

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