New School for Psionics


The Meurlain of Morgan’s Landing, working with the Dahhak, have established a New Psionic Academy in Morgan’s Landing. They mean to compete for students who currently travel to Elder’s Grove, or the Compound. Konjito and the Ithaquan Institute are said to be welcoming the competition. Master Talat Nambesa of the Ithaquan Instutite spoke publicly on the subject. “We welcome a new home for knowledge, here on this strange world we inhabit. We hope it can promote peaceful competition, and mutual understanding. That which brings us closer together in peace is that which is good.” The new institute is as-yet unnamed, but it is said that they have employed some of the best Psions on the planet.

Between this, and the world-famous Gunsel Academy, Morgan’s Landing is getting a reputation for excellence. Who would have thought that such a disparate group would maintain their identities, and also relative peace. Of course, that’s only relative to Eclipse. Anywhere else, threats of planetary annihilation, and being attacked by the Slu’ak plague, would make a place less than desirable. With rumors of conflict swirling around some of the other settlements, Morgan’s Landing may be a better place to live in peace.

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