Solarii throws a party


A Solarii faction party was all the rage at years end. Dj Skyler was hired, and throwing down some phantom beats. Cherise and Clarise were there, of course, after their legendary estrangement from Sigsour Party Drinks. Nog’s Grog represented, with a bevy of fine looking folk in the house. They were introducing their new line of booze, starting a dark beverage called ‘Black Tam’. The Pinks made a show, leading a few well-chained men through some numbers. There was talk some of the Gatetown colonists may have been present, but nothing could be confirmed. It seemed that the highest of high society was there. Richter made an appearance, as did Patrick Anh, of the Franja Partiers. They were on opposite ends, of course. It seems that everybody who was anybody was there, joining fascinating conversation after fascinating conversation. Of course, Richter brought some of his Imperial Thugs, and of course they were the first to spoil the good mood. It was all the hosts could do to keep Patrick’s fine men from bringing the cart down on that party. Nadia Solarii herself was seen speaking to those involved in the conflict, and many others.

And then there were the Kshathrans. Not known as the most fun-raising folks, they were doing their best to throw down on the dance floor. Soon Cherise and Clarise joined them, and of course everyone has seen the pictures of what happened next. It was a night to remember, so crescent fresh, and it may be the last for a little while. After a frenzy of parties, the next two on the schedule have been canceled. No word on why the downer in Downings. But maybe this just means more opportunities for the up-and-coming hosts to rise to the challenge.

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