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Elder’s Grove has been active lately, with life returning to normal after the recent assault. Signs of the attack have been cleaned up, for the most part, and life seems to be returning to normal. New Mayor Maxwell Quintain has issued verbal statements regarding potential war between the Compound and Downings. “We shall not be involved in this conflict between the Kshathrans and the Dahhak, unless we are forced to become involved. This bickering has spread to the Imperial and Fringe peoples, who are being forced to choose sides as the atrocities continue. We are calling on the Dahhak aggressors to back down, so that peaceful business may continue.”

In other news, preparations for the upcoming Feast of Pleasure have spread to all quarters. Primarily a Meurlain celebration, the Yazata and Fringers waste no excuse for a good party. A number have embraced this tradition, and are being encouraged by New Mayor Maxwell Quintain. The Community Center, still closed for construction, should be opened in time. Mayoral aide Harlan Dobey made a statement. “The community center will be a place for peace. Where all people can gather, to learn and to grow.”

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  • BlackLight says:

    I would like to recommend caution at your Feast of Pleasure. I do not think you will like what you find at your center.

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