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Anyone watching the roads of Eclipse has seen the Suzaki. Once seen as alien invaders of our home galaxy, these days they are more often seen as key to trade between settlements and across continents. With the general rise in tensions, they are seen as outside the squabbles of the Origo galaxy. Two months ago, Suzaki representatives of all the major convoys gathered in Gatetown for what became an almost month long festival, reunion, and meeting. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, they spent a great deal of time in serious discussion of the future. After much deliberation, the Suzaki have made a number of decisions regarding their collective future. They have made proclamations, so that their decisions can be shared openly with the other peoples of Eclipse. They have expressed a desire to continue to work with other peoples in peace, to promote a continued partnership.

The Suzaki have created a council of tweve. One Councilor has been elected from each major road. Only Marauder Rail has no representative, as they are almost never traveled anymore, and no convoys are devoted to the route. There will be an organization with officials who serve each Councilor. During their first official meeting, they have elected Sydney Mender as the Magistrate of the Council.

The Suzaki will continue to operate on the roads as they have. They have publicly requested that complaints, trade agreements, and other business should be directed towards the Councilor responsible for a particular road. They have also stated that this organization is to help them protect themselves, and is not for any nefarious design. Some have expressed concern over these plans, and worried that it signals a return to their warlike views. But this view has been a minority, and many settlements have issued statements supporting the organization.

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