Elder’s Grove has released a tally of those slain in the brutal recent assault. Hundreds were wounded, and over a dozen restored to life by the quick intervention of local doctors and psions. Maxwell Quintain has been named Mayor, and has declared a state of emergency. Recruits are volunteering for the defense force by the hundreds. Memorials were held at the Church of Sedu, and in the Oshito monastery. Thousands were in attendance, including officials from almost all of the major settlements. A delegation from the Library was turned away on the road outside Elder’ Grove, citing ‘security concerns’.

Among the Meurlain, we mourn:

Master Mei Lin, Chey Sovannarith, Kho Sheu-fuh, Siu Hang Yaochuan, Nang Hyung Ki, Changgok Suk Chul, Trieu Suong, P’yo Hyun Ah, Aek Roumjong, Duong Roumjong, Rous Ruomjong, Jali Bukha, Kahndo Shakabpa, Lac Manh Tho, Sang Chanvatey, Kuo Duan Guo, Woon Ru, Cian Luk Tingzhe, Wan Ruathin, Wan Si Pei, Mangjol Min’gyu, Okana Dai, Hashi Sinjiru, Keo Peou, Siu Chao-xing, and noted explorer Tsuka Takeo. Missing and presumed dead is Witness Seryn Vedae.

Among the Fringers and their allies, we mourn:

Mayor Green, Gus Cooper, Chally Cooper, Theresa Cooper, Hamza Xarek, Farima Majai, Sully Niedermar, Bobby Sigsour, Lesley the Knife, and Vikk Allard.

Among the Yazata, we mourn:

Dr. Fernaeus “Fernie” Rosids, Reuben DGC Springflower, Diaspora Jones, and Junie HVDSA Wyllabud.

We also mourn the seven people who were found that could not be identified. They are all victims of a terrible crime. One that Mayor Quintain has vowed to investigate and prosecute to the best of his ability. We will stand behind him. If anyone has information on the events that occurred that evening, they are asked to step forward. We stand by our words. We will wait for more information before we act, but those who perpetrated this carnage should be aware that Elder’s Grove stands united. And we are coming for you.

This is Ren Ti Jian, reporting from Elder’s Grove.


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