Invasion of Atlantis


There have been numerous reports of fighting near the recently reclaimed city of Crannog. The attackers are said to be the Formori, the monstrous people that dwell on the continent Formoria. Formoria, for those without modern maps, is to the north and northwest of Atlantis. Formoria is also located close to the east of the continent of Mu, where there are four major Origo settlements. Morgan’s Landing, Omanganva, Elder’s Grove, and to a lesser extent The Library, are all located within striking distance of Formoria.

Hyperborea is the continent with Gatetown, The Compound, White Falls, and Downings. It’s position on almost the other side of the world means that they will be less threatened by these savages. Unless they have learned how to travel through gates, that is.

The Formori are said to be a hideous people, who show little mercy on raids, and are known to consume their enemies. Reports are that they have landed in strength on the shore of Atlantis, and are building some kind of fortress. The Formori are known to frequently raid other peoples, but usually they are fairly small. They burn out any homes they can find, and steal everything they can carry away. This behavior is said to be unusual for them. We will report more as information comes in.

In other news, the Swordbrethren have reportedly accepted their first non-human student. Art Wormwood, a Yazata child from Elder’s Grove, is reported to have recently begun to exhibit psionic ability, and the signs point towards Mag Moytura. He is accompanied by his father, a politician. The acceptance is causing a deal of strife among the conservative Atlanteans.

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