Mayhem in Konjito


An attack has struck Konjito, and different points in Elder’s Grove. At about 3am local time, on the same night that the New Arc Terminus was added in Omanganva, some number of attackers dressed in black assaulted Elder’s Grove. Reports vary from less than a dozen to over a hundred enemy soldiers, who stormed the outside gate leading into Konjito. They quickly overcame the guards, and struck into Konjito. Scores are reported dead or missing, hundreds are wounded. Explosives were used in a seemingly indiscriminate manner. No one is certain as to who the mysterious attackers were. Three bodies have been recovered, but if there was any information gleaned from the corpses, it has not yet been shared.

Reports are still coming in, but we can confirm that Master Mei Lin and Mayor Green were among the deceased. There is a lot of fear here, in a community ravaged by the Adam plague, Thinking Machines, and the vagaries of Eclipse. And now this senseless assault. Many of the dead are from the Meurlain community, and they are seeking to understand who has attacked them. There are reports that psionics were ineffective against them, but fringers deny that any of their null mutants would have taken part in this horrific action. Some note that the Arc Terminus was connected with Atlantis around the time of the assault, but no concrete information has been announced.

We will wait for more information before we act, but those who perpetrated this carnage should be aware that Elder’s Grove stands united. And we are coming for you.

This is Ren Ti Jian, reporting from Elder’s Grove.

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