Terrorists get Justice


Nadia Solarii announced that the perpetrators behind a series of bombings have been dealt with. They were known to have been implicated in a bombing in Downings which killed a man named Joran Nitra almost two years ago, a double bombing at the Library, and caused some damage in Elder’s Grove. They are known to be responsible for at least eight murders, an attempt on Ms. Solarii’s life, and are suspected to have been tied to dozens of other murders and dark crimes.

Little is known of who hired them, or why. The Badder Garden Group formed after a short lived stint with Orpheon as enforcers of the Treaty of Eclipse. The teams they sent were known to be ruthless and greedy, and no one wanted them after that fiasco. They became mercenaries, and have been responsible for damage and mayhem ever since. Thanks to Maxwell Quintain of Elder’s Grove, and some well-known heroes of Gatetown, the last of them have been brought to justice. Downings authorities are currently searching for someone named Sergei, who was said to have hired them for reasons unknown. A reward is offered for his capture, or information leading to his capture.

Ms. Solarii also announced tariffs against goods from the Compound. No reason was given, but the Qua’ri have been putting pressure on her for quite some time to distance Downings from the Dahhak of the Compound, who have been suspected of ritual murders and assassination attempts against the Kshathrans.

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