Imperial unrest


In recent days, several small groups of Imperials have left White Falls, to start new lives elsewhere. Many are choosing the Compound, although Morgan’s Landing and the Library have been given as destinations. The Juntach command has been asking those with vital skills to stay in White Falls, vowing to examine and rectify issues of discrimination. Their spokesman issued a short speech.

“Fellow Imperials. We are united by our faith, our culture, and our Empress. These are difficult times for us all, and we all have to pull together to survive and grow. It is true that there has been some rare discrimination against those providing support services, and we are addressing those issues. However, this is not a time to fall apart. It is a time for us to come together, to face the challenges and dangers on this world, and continue with a resolute faith in Ehieh. We hope for your patience at this time, because if we do not stand together against the chaos, then we shall surely fall.”

There are stories that the imperial garrison is beginning to rely on the Disciples of Dyzan for some support needs. Their camp infrastructure is said to be falling apart, having been quickly established, and expected to be used for a year or two at most. In addition to the construction of the Cathedral of St. Cleo, the Disciples have begun surveying and building a section of town for the use of the Garrison. There are also stories that there have been more conversions to the faith of Dyzan.

There is now a register being kept for those who join the Dyzanite faith. It includes recorded testimony for those seeking to join the congregation, which is taken during the week-long waiting period before the sacrament is given. Several of the Suzaki have volunteered to examine those records, when they are in White Falls, and no examples of forced conversion have been reliably reported.

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