Yazata Tensions Escalate


The Yazata have been hotly debating a recently passed motion for over a week now. The measure gives sanction to a re-settlement plan, approved in the last days of the lame duck session, and carried by only two votes. A committee has been established to study the issue, and is authorized to make binding decisions. The committee is largely composed of Spores loyalists, who have great faith in their plan.

The committee is studying several options. They have been considering establishing a new settlement near White Falls. Close enough to the road to establish trade, far enough from White Falls so as not to encroach on either settlements growth. The Spores have made the case that the recent rise in population justifies the expansion. There has been quite the quiet baby boom in the last few years, and by it’s nature Elder’s Grove cannot expand, unless someone wants to live outside the force fields. Even with those who have died in the last year, the population is increasing. The Vines favor slowly expanding outside the field, and keeping the community together.

The committee is also considering creating a community in White Falls itself. There is certain infrastructure there, and a thriving market in energy tech, among other goods. Also, settling on a new continent will help to ensure the Yazata survive possible future catastrophes. The Vines have been heavily protesting this measure, which technically would continue into the new session. They vow measures to repeal the committee and it’s “unprecedented theft of authority”.

In other news, Konjito has requested an update to the previous news posting. A minor functionary named Han fei Shi had given the information to this reporter, who reported it as news. Apparently, while there are preliminary plans for an Orchid Garden, they do not include the listed features, and it has not even begun construction. We have spoken, and agreed that this was a miscommunication, so I humbly ask our readers to accept this retraction.

This is Ren ti Jian, reporting from Elder’s Grove

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