Compound closes it’s gates


Colonel Halcyon has issued orders to close all entrances leading into the compound, and heighten security amidst growing fears. Moving quickly to respond to new information, the Compound has enacted security measures not seen since the end of fighting with the Thinking Machines. Messages have been sent, to avoid extra travel in this dangerous time. At this time, there is no information about when they intend to re-open contact. Compound spokesperson Saddik Sanjani issued this statement. “At this time, no one will be admitted to the Compound. We appreciate the traders who have helped us to thrive, which is why we want everyone to know. All contracts for durable goods will be honored. We have no information on when the threat will pass, and until that time we need to see to our security and future. Thank you.”

Unconfirmed rumors are growing of a number of disappearances around the Compound in recent weeks. There are also stories that there has been fighting near the borders of the Compound, even into the outer sections of the Compound itself.

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