Double Bombing Roils the Library


This is just shocking, shocking. This is your source of information on the Library, Kitty Barclay. There have been two explosions here. Fortunately, no one important was caught in the blasts. At this time, seven people are confirmed dead, and over two dozen reported missing. It happened this morning, near one of the fashionable open markets that have been springing up in the quainter sections of town. Reportedly, several of our heroic watchmen had discovered a mysterious package, when an explosion ripped through at the edges of the market. Many people were injured, but there were few deaths. Teams had been sent to discover more of what was going on, and medical technicians were doing what they could, when another explosion tore through the rescue crews. Some have said that the second explosion was caused by this mysterious package. OME. I am shocked at this act of senseless violence. And what kind of person does this? There was no political message sent, no explanation for why someone would target the people that help us survive on this mad world. Brax Sunder has issued a statement that he will be personally leading a commission to get to the bottom of this. Sources say that he is furious, that it was his people who were targeted. I say this is a moment of mourning for our lost, and then we will turn our righteous Imperial Fury on those that were responsible. Sophie Naa has announced three fundraising balls, with all proceeds going to help those affected by this outrage. I will stay here with you on this story, until we find the culprit or culprits and make them pay.

With a heavy heart. This is Kitty Barclay, signing off.

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