Disciples of Dyzan issue a proclamation


The Szgany of White Falls have issued written statement.”We no longer wish to go by that old name. That name was used for the servants of all the Ahramnhi, when that was favored by Dyzan. Now we have entered a new phase of growth. We serve Lord Jastor, and only Lord Jastor. The sacrament has been cleansed, and no longer will we be under the sway of those who have fallen from the grace of Dyzan. We are no longer Szgany. We are Dyzan’s disciples, and we will help bring peace and hope to this wandering world. We pledge our continued good relations with our neighbors and trading partners, all across Eclipse. For the grace of Dyzan through his vessel, Lord Jastor.”

In other news, the swamps have been unusually quiet lately. The Kin are even scarcer than usual, and when they are seen they do not stay to talk. Imperial patrols have been increased, in their territory. And the market for tech items continues to grow. Because Atlanteans, fringers, Imperials, tribes, whatever. They all love the tech, but the energy tech in particular.

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