Everhart Gala a smashing success


This is your darling reporter from the Library, Kitty Barclay. I’m here to tell you about the latest grand Gala. Balls are all the fashion this year, and it seems like a good outlet for all the testosterone we’ve had around here lately. And besides, the gossip there is truly to die for. There’s talk of reality shows from Downings trying to get in on the action, but here at the Library, we are the new fashion trendsetters. Everyone who is anyone will be wearing the top fashions being displayed at the latest balls, this time it was Kree that shone. And oh, what a show. Cherise and Clarise were there, as well as a delegation from Atlantis. Modism is so 164. This year it could be Möller, Foré, Talisker or Naa. Right here, the height of Fashion, at the Library.

This is Kitty Barclay, signing off!

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