Buildings found near Downings


Well, we live on Eclipse. A world that few of us are native to. Strange things just kind of happen all the time. Travelers near Downings came across a group of buildings laid out in the fashion common to the ‘Stations’. There is no gate terminus at the location, as far as anyone can tell. Still, it is a few days walk from gatetown. Where many of us came here. And no one has ever reported finding this hamlet in the middle of nowhere. There has been a settlement quite close there for years, and no one seems to have lived there. Well, there it is.

Representatives of Ms. Solarii have invited the gatetown colonists to further investigate the area. An unnamed representative was quoted as saying, “It’s a strange thing happening in a strange time. It would be good to have the people around who can help when strange things happen.”

In other news, the hunt is in it’s 11th day for the young Kshathran couple. J’Ahava and Paz were to spend the day above ground, but they did not return. A number of people have reported seeing them leave, but little is known from there. Some pieces of their clothing have been found, leading people to fear for the worst. Still, the hunt will continue. And in celebrity news, Rethen Miner’s daughter records a new album, and her dad hates it!

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