Compound Mourns Death of Markus van Halcyon


The Compound mourns the loss of Markus Van Halcyon, cousin to Cmdr Giles Halcyon and activist for the fair and ethical treatment of Sundrav worshipers. Van Halcyon, a devout Sundravite himself, was attacked while on a visit to Gate Town. Gate Town was the site of the racially charged death of Xiat Dazye, a Dahhak Sundravite, at the hands of three Kshathran youths over a year ago. Van Halcyon visited with Law Enforcement to praise them for what he called heroic action in swiftly dealing justice in the case, a move that has caused tension among the Kshathra of the Qua’Ri settlement. Van Halcyon was an outspoken advocate for Sundrav worshippers that he felt were being systematically persecuted for their beliefs by Kshathrans. His itinerary was to include a visit to Qua’Ri to protest the recent acts of violence perpetrated against Dahhaks and non-Dahhak Sundravites.

Few details about the incident have been released, and the cause of death has not been determined, but authorities believe that foul play was involved. The Compound refused to comment on the active investigation, but Giles Halcyon pledged to bring swift justice to the parties responsible for his cousin’s death. A memorial service will be held on Tuesday in the Temple of Sundrav at the Compound.

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