New ore vein found


Miners in Downings have found a new ore vein, rich in industrial metals. A small group of companies have claimed credit, and are moving quickly to capitalize on the find. Shipments of ore are traveling to Elders Grove, to pay for new mining equipment from the Yazata. Copper, silver, iron, and a dozen other trace metals have been identified. Pallidium has also been found at the new site. Companies identified as having a stake in the new claim include Carrigan Digs, Darvash inc., and Bludgeon Investment Group. No one is entirely sure how this will impact Downings, but few doubt that it will make political waves.

In other news, Cherise and Clarise may be the hottest thing since candied apples, but they’re terrible spokespeople. They had scored a sweet job for Sigsour Party Drinks. SPD had paid them thousands of credits in advance for special promotions. They were supposed to appear at parties, media events, and entertainment happenings to promote the new company. They were supposed to be producing seven prints ads, a behind-the-scenes exclusive video, and host a special gala featuring Sigsour products. Instead, they have produced an incoherent 30 second video, and slept through the gala. The company has released them, and is seeking new spokespeople for its products. The race is on, celebutantes!

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