Troubles with Spores and Vines


News today about the continuing disputes between two clans of the Yazata. The Spores have announced they are resuming genetic testing on important members of their party. “It is vital to know that no more incidents will be occurring, where genetically incompatible citizens are allowed into positions of trust.”

This refers to the story of Philo Milantha aka Philo Junaina, a Weed who presented himself as a Spore, and then became a key leader within the party. For those less familiar with Yazata politics, there are three clans of Yazata, from different geographical regions. They are also political parties which compete for votes. The Weeds fell out of favor on Eclipse, and many have quietly joined the other two parties. Philo was found in a compromising position with ambassadors and assistants from three other unnamed settlements, at the same time. The increased attention brought to light certain questionable financial decisions, and genetic testing revealed that he was actually a Weed.

Outbreaks of fighting between Yazata of the 2 parties continued into their fourth day, and an anti-Weed rally has been announced. Members of both parties denounced the violence, saying that disputes should be settled properly, and without threat. Still, at least four Yazata have been killed so far, and things only seem to be growing tenser.

This is Ren ti Jian reporting from Elder’s Grove.

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