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The existence of a new settlement on the continent of Mu, named Omanganva, was announced today. It is primarily made up of Nasu, with some Meurlain, Free Szgany, and a growing number of Atlantean citizens. They are located on the coast, some days travel from Morgan’s Landing. Although the exact location is not being published, the Sea Briar Szgany have let it be known that they will be traveling there regularly, and will bring peaceful visitors with them. They will also handle trading for the settlement, which could start to compete with White Falls for the pharmaceutical market. The Nasu have also announced that they are petitioning to be named as a protectorate of Atlantis. This is unprecedented in recent Atlantean history, and yet another first on a planet of new things.

The Atlanteans have made no official comment about the petition, although there is said to be great interest in the motion. The recent attack on the King of Atlantis was foiled, and the King is healthy and unharmed. The life of his advisor was saved by the quick-thinking actions of nearby Nasu, one of them a resident of the new settlement. The Memnonides, some of the protectors of Atlantis, have announced that they are offering aid and protection to the new settlement. Some have already traveled there, and will protect the settlement against High Asgardians and outside threats, at least until the issue of the petition has been decided.

Well I say welcome to Eclipse, Omanganva. This is Corky Cartwright, reporting from Morgan’s Landing.

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