Compound Attacked!


The Compound has been attacked by the foreign nation known as High Asgard. A ship carried the crew of bloodthirsty savages up the rivers, to the very gates of The Compound. Influential Bishop S’Eerith addressed the citizen’s of this besieged settlement.

“The Compound has become a shining beacon of tolerance, understanding, and unity. Unfortunately, for everything we build, there is someone all too willing to tear it down. Today has been our wake-up call. We can no longer stand by, while the forces of aggression and hatred run wild. Forty seven men, women, and yes….children were slain in this savage attack. With our loyal forces, and the help of law abiding civilians, we have beaten back this cowardly assault. I speak now from the graveside of young Wesley Lister. He gave his life, so that his classmates and friends could still live. A child, slain by savages. We must rise to meet this threat, We must mobilize to defend ourselves. We must defeat these High Asgardians, and the forces of intolerance, where ever they are.”

The Duennan have been demonstrating for several days in favor of increased enlistment, and for a declaration of war against the High Asgardians. No news out of Commander Halcyon’s office yet, but the public pressure seems to be growing for a response. A demonstration of the capability of The Compound to defend itself, and make Eclipse safe for the children.

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