Modism takes the Library by force


This is your friendly reporter from the Library, Kitty Barclay. I’m speaking about Modism. It’s something of a paradox. We can’t know what fashion is popular back in the old galaxy, but by envisioning it, we can create bold new fashions. You can go crazy just thinking about it – so instead let’s just say that the dawn of a new age has sent 164’s fashion trends into oldstyle overdrive.


So how do we define Modism? As a spring 164 fashion trend, it seems to be less about traditional wear, and more about redefining what it means to be classic. We’re faced with collections that contemplate wild revolutions in Imperial fashion. Topics of rebirth and going back compete in the threads of some designers clothing, while others base their designs on wild new visions of what could be. Just another reason why the Library is The fashion place to be. Downings is so 163, and you remember what a drag that was. So cheer up, and spice up your wardrobe with a little of the latest Modist trends, now available at the Library.


This is Kitty Barclay, signing off!


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