Atlanteans open embassy in Downings, and legendary party rocks the settlement


Downings media announced that the Atlanteans have opened an official embassy in Downings. While few expect Downings to suddenly become a principality of Atlantis, many are excited about the prospect of increased trade and closer ties to the natives of Eclipse. Trade representative Tom Rokos applauded the move. “This is just another sign that Downings epitomizes all the virtues of the fringe. Self-Reliance, a dedication to free trade, and frontier ingenuity. Coming after the successful negotiation of a free trade agreement with Elder’s Grove, this is a great day for Downings!”


Also in Downings, a legendary event turned the underground on it’s heels when a troupe of technicians from Gatetown started a party that just kept going. Even some of the party hardened veterans of Downings bowed out after the first three days. It seemed a vast discussion of super-theories of super-everything. Anything alchoholic within a half mile radius was reported to be consumed, and it is being said that half the techs in Downings still haven’t sobered up. It was seen as a coup for the colonist organizers, and DJ Skyler, who apparently dropped some devastating beats, and inspired new trends in music just based on his epic 32 hour performance, which picked up again once he woke up. Amazing.


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