Protesters Call for End to Anti-Sundravite Violence


A protest rally was held calling for justice in the death of Xiat Da’axye, a Dahhak Sundravite that died at the hands of three Kshathran males in Gatetown about six months ago. The protesters, made up of both humans and Dahhak claim that the attack, as well as a bombing in the Compound by a Qua’Ri native is an indication of the growing anti-Dahhak and anti-Sundrav sentiment among the Kshathrans in Downings.

Organizing the protest was Markus van Halcyon, relative to Giles Halcyon and member of the temple of Sundrav. Van Halcyon claims that the attacks are the acts of ‘cowards and hate-mongers’ and that the Kshathrans must be taken to task for the role that their society played in such brazen assaults. He claims that Sundravites all over Eclipse are afraid to openly worship, for fear of being attacked. Van Halcyon also denounced officials for allowing the Kshathran responsible for the bombing in the Compound to be remanded to the custody of Qua’Ri instead of having him tried in an Imperial court for crimes against its citizens. Aside from a few heated moments, the protest was conducted peacefully and was disbursed by Compound security forces without incident.

Both Giles Halcyon and the Council of Qua’Ri declined to comment.

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