Caravan Attacked on Wolf’s Wood


Szygany move along the The Wolf’s Wood with caution as raiders have once again struck a band shortly after leaving White Falls for the Compound. The band was carrying much needed medical supplies after a number of cases of Thrast fever were discovered in the settlement. Thought the Compound insists that there is no danger of an outbreak, thanks to the previous efforts of Lord Jastor, the medicine is still needed urgently by clinics in the settlement.

This marks the third time in 6 months that a Szygany caravan was targeted by a group of bandits, dubbed the ‘Numbers’ by many Szygany for the numbered tattoos described by surviving witnesses. Both Lord Jastor and representatives of the Compound urge Rangers to investigate the attacks, which to date have claimed the lives of eighteen Szygany. Jastor claims that the attacks are directed at him by individuals that want to discredit him in the eyes of the other settlements by sabotaging his humanitarian efforts. Jastor has also blamed Free Szgany terrorists for the attacks, however investigation shows that both free and bound Szygany were slain in the raids.

Survivors of previous raids describe the assailants as well armed humanoids with numbers tattooed on their faces, displaying unusual strength and an ability to withstand conventional weapon fire. Many believe the raiders possess genetic mutations, but evidence thus far has been unable to confirm these conclusions. Both Free Szygany merchants and Lord Jastor have called for increased security in light of the recent attacks.

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