Lost City Found


After decades of being lost to the High Jungles of Atlantis, Uxmal is being reclaimed once more. Teams of Uxmal residents have been trying for the past year to locate the swath of High Jungle belonging to this Principality, but all expeditions had been falling short of their prize. That is, until now.

Newly acknowledged Archon of Uxmal, Andronikos of Uxmal and Memnon is the only son of the last recorded Archon of Uxmal, Helene of Uxmal. Helene was one of the most celebrated Archons of the Principality, known as a great philanthropist and caretaker to her people. She made great strides in the years she led Uxmal, contributing brilliantly to the needs of the Principality, particularly in the fields of harmonious architecture and engineering; a much needed component to the survival of the High Jungle’s accelerated growth and aggressive wildlife.

Archon Andronikos led each of the expeditions to reclaim the Principality himself, citing that the victory in the War of the Machines here in Atlantis was one of the primary reasons he realized it was time to rebuild. “Our people have endured much sorrow in the history of our great Principality, but we have also seen great triumphs this past year. I wish for no more than to give them back the legacy of their heritage as they have given me in naming me Archon this day by the blessing of our beloved king.”

Uxmal has risen and fallen three times in the recorded history of Atlantis. It is not an easy task to maintain the balance of a populace within the realms of the High Jungle. To this end, King Lysandros has pledged the aid of Kritias in providing building supplies to the efforts of resettling Uxmal as a show of support to Archon Andronikos and the people of Uxmal. Long may it stand!

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