Trade Deal Stalls at the Library


This is your friendly reporter from the Library, Kitty Barclay.

People tell me that a trade deal being negotiated at the Library is dead on arrival. Leading figures from Downings and the Library had been speaking, looking to set up a better framework for trade. Surely you’d think that if people wanted a deal, they could make it happen. Well first the Kree don’t like something that the Vinro do like. And then the Vinro disapprove of a concession being offered by the Kree. This seems to happen more often these days, not that I’d hold anyone in particular at fault. They just get along like, well, Kree and Vinro. And then, the trade delegation from Downings leaves. I hear that someone supporting the deal in Downings withdrew their support, and then the whole deal goes down. It’s a good thing we’re getting some trade with Atlantis.

This is Kitty Barclay, signing off.

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