Influential Meurlain Leader Dies of Natural Causes


Meurlain leader Witness Ru died this past weekend of natural causes. She is reported to have died quietly in her sleep of a brain aneurysm. The Meurlain community in Elder’s Grove, in keeping with their traditions, held a quiet ritual during which her cremated ashes were spread about the gardens in Konjito Monastery to rejoin her to Shiak’tian. Afterwards, the Monastery hosted a modest feast in her honor for all of Elder’s Grove. She was well known throughout the planet as an emissary of peace. Small demonstrations were also held in her honor in Morgan’s Landing and White Falls. The Meurlain have refused all questions of who will take up the responsibilities of this eminent figure at this time.

Ashi Ru Arashi was born on Patala, and was the oldest of six siblings. Genetic testing revealed an extraordinary potential, and she was well educated and trained at the Kangso monastery in Anju province. Known as a gifted planner, her preparations were key for the survival of Elder’s Grove during the Machine War. Konjito, and the world, have lost a vital leader.

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