FTU Announcement

Are you down to your last scrap of rations? Is there simply too much market competition in your settlement to get your hands on a decent gun nowadays? Need someone to track down your dear old aunt Gabby who you haven’t seen since the war? Fret no more! Today the FTU is announcing their new fiscal endeavor; the job hunter’s board – a place where practiced colonists of all kinds can go to earn their daily bread and a little extra on the side. The FTU is accepting applications from all settlement locations to be posted to the board for common consumption starting today. Be sure to file your job requests (with a small entry fee) and let the FTU do all the legwork by screening you the best candidate for the job, and making sure what needs doin’ gets done! Colonists, get to your local mess halls and scan the boards to find your next job today!

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