Morgan’s Landing Neutral

We, the rational people of Morgan’s Landing, have had a robust debate regarding the escalating conflict between our two largest neighbors. We declare our neutrality, and we wish to preserve the neutrality of Iron Town. Those traveling peacefully to or from the gate should be allowed to travelfreely within the village. Convoys bound to Morgan’s Landing, or Suzaki carrying peaceable supplies, should not be accosted on this continent. We will not be party to this unfortunate squabble. A peaceful way should be found for Juris Vinro and those accused to have a fair and open trial. And their guilt should be judged in all justice and accord. Failing that, we let you know that the people of Morgan’s Landing stand united in this. We will not allow our citizens to be robbed, beaten, abused, or murdered. Those who involve themselves in this conflict do so at their own risk. We will have fair and unimpeded access to the gate, and in return, we will stay out of your fights. And should you choose peace, we will be happy to help unite the continent in trust and mutual prosperity. I would ask for the assistance of like-minded people. The Gatekeepers, the Rangers, My son. Their allies. Anyone else. I ask for you to examine your conscience, and perhaps not send that shipment of guns into this conflict. Perhaps not murder each other. We need more empathy, and less arrogance. And if you feel that someone’s actions are unjust, maybe you don’t […]

Uncool raids must end!

So, seriously. This is your divine reporter from the world famous Library, Kitty Barclay. Well, the spring is slowly turning into summer again, but the only fashion we get is the latest in military fatigues. It’s all the rage now. No girl would be caught dead dating someone who’s not working to defend our home. And everyone knows that all the hottest guys are in uniforms this year. Even the one and only BAV signed up. And they’re not dating the girls who aren’t serving. So find out how you can serve, and be involved in the finest fashion of all. And really, our last shipment of materials and fabrics out of Atlantis was hijacked by those damned ruffians out of Elder’s Grove. Not that there aren’t some fashionable people in Elder’s Grove (I’m looking at you, Zebulon Mandragora. And of course Elder Cypress, in a classic sort of way.) I just can’t believe it. Right now, there are some big thuggy fringers roaming around in the finest purples on Eclipse. And so soft. We were going to make some amazing things this season. And then this happened. I mean, no one has seen Juris Vinro in weeks. Nobody knows what happens if we just turn him over, but it doesn’t seem right. You know what I mean? If they weren’t already attacking us, maybe we could talk. Well, I’m calling them out. I think Maxwell Quintain has a tiny little…finger. I think he needs to find women that are […]

Ephric attacks on the rise

Once extremely rare away from the webgates, there have been an alarming number of attacks by what one local scientist calls ‘Ephric Spirits’. What others might call ‘Chills’ or ‘Shivers’. This week alone, there have been sightings of five confirmed groups of the malignant creatures. They have been heroically dispatched by the Franja Partiers, and King Sigsour. It is a good thing that the Partiers have assumed responsibility for safeguarding the Imperial Way. No one critical has been killed in these attacks, but it is only a matter of time. No one seems to know where these entities are coming from, but they are much more common along less traveled webways. It is unknown as to what they were doing in Downings, other than attacking those they encountered. If there was any greater purpose, or why, it seems to be beyond us. Be afraid, Downings. But put your faith in King Sigsour. He’ll keep our homes Safe, and Free.

Lightning Storm on the Floating Vagabond

Residents of the Floating Vagabond are reporting that they recently experienced a power surge originating from the planet that resulted in visible electrical arcing over many of the bulkheads. No injuries or damage have been reported, and the origin of the power surge remains a mystery. No travel restrictions are currently recommended, but the FTU advises travelers to be on the look out for any other unexplained phenomena.

Suzaki promote fair trading

The Suzaki Council of Twelve are pleased to announce that fair trade agreements have been reached with every settlement on Hyperborea and Mu. Although it took almost eight months of negotiations, Magistrate Sydney expressed his satisfaction: “It was a tough and long road, but that’s exactly where the Suzaki thrive. We believe these trade agreements to be fair for everyone involved. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but each settlement has agreed to let the current contracts stand for at least two years.” The Council of Twelve would like to reiterate that the Suzaki are neutral in the current conflicts. They do not support any one settlement above another.


Children of Memnon, Swordbrethren, loyal citizens of Atlantis, It is with great sorrow that I report that King Lysandros VI and many of the members of the High Senate have been deceived by foreign agents. In their folly, they have attempted to seize the leadership of the Memnonides, and we have been forced to resist. We call upon all loyal citizens of Atlantis to join us in Hespera, or with our allies in Aigle, Pyrrha, and Deucalion so that we may root out this deception as quickly as possible. Citizens that are currently traveling outside of Atlantis should avoid making use of the Arc Terminus or travel through Cerne. They should instead travel to the Memnonides chapterhouse in the Qua’ri cavern of Downings and alternate travel methods will be arranged. Archon in Exile Nileas of Memnon


By order of King Lysandros VI of Kritias, the Legions of Atlantis are ordered to mobilize immediately. All loyal citizens of Atlantis are ordered to return to their home principality and report to their designated Legion officer with all speed. Citizens of Kritias are ordered to report to Arethusa or Cerne, and should not attempt travel to Kritias.

High Senate called into emergency session

High Chancellor Erastos of Kritias has called the High Senate into emergency session in response to allegations of misconduct by members of the Memnonides.  Archon-in-Exile Nileas of the Memnonides and several high ranking members of House Memnon have been summoned to give testimony in closed session.

The Library stands

Leaders of the Library have issued a short statement. “These accusations are false. We do not recognize the authority of any other settlement over the Library. We have an Atomic weapon, and if we are threatened, we will use it to defend our home against Tyranny. We praise Ehieh, and call on him to bless our actions. In this time of growing chaos, only we can do what must be done. To protect our families, our friends, our sacred charge.

Downings supports Elder’s Grove

A joint statement has been issued by Gary Sigsour, and elders of the Quar’ri. Downings stands by it’s brethren in Elder’s Grove. To stand against this new Imperial aggression. Political change is coming to Downings, and those who would tear down the new order need to leave, or they will find themselves righteously dealt with. Also, Joran’s Rest has been getting a lot of buzz as the new place to be. With so much conflict between the gangs of Downings, it’s good to have a place to settle down and talk. A neutral ground, in a place where people are increasingly being forced to take sides.

Elder’s Grove Speaks

Maxwell Quintain, mayor of Elder’s Grove, and the head of the Elder’s Grove Defense Force, has recently given a press conference. In it, he showed proof of a plot originating in the Library. There had been a force called Forza, which was being hired and trained not only for the eventual suppression of House Kree, but also to be a secret force which destabilized other settlements. They were behind the recent assault on Elder’s Grove. Investigators have determined that the attack on the Meurlain was a cover to assassinate Mayor Green. Elder’s Grove spies have had vengeance on the one directly responsible, Wilhelm Bremmer, an aide to Juras Vinro. They have since found proof that Vinro himself has been behind the turbulence, and is responsible for a string of murder and mayhem. It was their plan to put the other settlements in place, murder the leaders of House Kree, and declare a new Empire. With Juras Vinro as it’s Emperor. Now, the evil scheme has been disrupted. Elder’s Grove is mustering forces, and has released an arrest warrant for Vinro, his close family, and associates. It declares the lawfulness of this action, and that anyone blocking this important act of law should also surrender, or face arrest or death. The men of Kotantown and Konjito stand ready to serve this warrant. The Yazata have resisted, and many claim that Elder Cypress is urging for caution and more facts. But action is imminent, as these vile perpetrators must be apprehended, at […]

Fomorians Withdraw from Atlantis

Seemingly overnight, the fortifications that the Fomorians constructed in Atlantis have been abandoned. Most of the Formorians left over two or three days, traveling back to Fomoria. Defense forces dogged their way, and a good number will never raid again. Those that remained at the fortress were quickly overwhelmed by the superior Atlantean forces that had been gathering to deal with the invaders. No reason was given, but the Atlanteans are celebrating their victory regardless. There has not been such a significant action from Formoria in decades, and scholars hope that they will return to their continent, and resume killing each other for decades to come. In other news, both the Memnonides and Magistera Techna have continued marshaling their forces. Perhaps there is another invasion imminent, but no additional information has been released.