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Floating Vagabond Renovations

The Floating Vagabond has finished a series of renovations to create an expanded barracks area separate from everyone’s favorite orbiting watering hole.  Featuring a hard light environment, long stride platform, and access to the existing Gate, it is hoped that this can be used as a deployment area by the Gatekeepers or other defense forces in times of anticipated planetary threats.

Travel Advisory: Station 19

FTU agents are reporting increased Marauder activity in the environs of Station 19.  All travelers are advised to take additional precautions while traveling in the vicinity.  The upcoming Arc Terminus alignment to Station 19 is categorized as High Risk.

Welcome Omanganva

We would like to formally greet the newest Settlement on Eclipse. We hear that things may be a little strange there soon. But we urge everyone to be accepting of our new friends and trading partners. With the chaos in Atlantis, they will need us to stand by them. Much as the Nasu are always ready to heal the greatest and the least of us. So welcome Omanganva. Perhaps we all need a little more peace. This is a unanimous statement by the Town Council, representing the peaceful peoples of Morgan’s Landing

Don’t Go to Atlantis

People of Middian, Consider this a serious travel advisory. Don’t go to Atlantis. There is fighting going on here, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re being attacked by King’s men, Memno-whatevers, Magistra Techno, Swordbrothers, Tide Guard, Forest Guard. But whoever it is, they think you are seriously someone else. I brought a little something there, well, maybe it wasn’t technically legal, but it’s just a good time. Just a little run from Downings, and those Ex-whore guys pay well. Guess that’s done, because everyone hates the Ex-whores. Well anyway, people just kept wanting to swing swords at each other. And then one side “taxed” our goods, and then another. Pretty soon, it was all gone, and that was my money. Anyway, don’t go to Atlantis. They’re all crazy over here. I just found this little comm station, it just started working. So people, don’t come here. Unless you’re coming to save old Mondy, in which case, totally come here.

Call for Unification

Fellow settlements, Imperials, and other residents of Eclipse, we are at war. The Vinro Vault and Kree Archive – collectively known as the Library – have been very patient regarding the repeated attacks against us. Our attempts at diplomacy have been met with scorn. Our calls for aid have been ignored. We understand that each settlement only wants to police and worry about it’s own citizens, but do you really think that once this so called ‘Elder’s Grove Defense Force’ takes over the Library that it will stop there? Absolutely not. We cannot allow such indecent, unlawful actions to stand. Eclipse has been a wild frontier for far too long. It is time that the decent and structured among us stepped up and brought order into this chaos. The Library calls to The Compound, to Morgan’s Landing, and to anyone who still identifies with our glorious Imperial culture to unite as one body. We will be the New Imperium – an Imperium that welcomes all races and cultures. The New Imperium is for any person who respects law and order, who wants to protect their own, and who wants to see the people of Eclipse thrive. The enemy is at our doorstep. Their most recent attack completely destroyed all our defensive equipment and caused extreme damage to the roads leading to our settlement. If our diplomatic attempts are scorned once again, or if the enemy advances any further, we will have no choice but to unleash our Atomic arsenal upon […]

Downings, CO

Greetings citizens of Downings, We are at a crossroads. Gary Sigsour is dead. Richter is dead. The Skulls have gone extinct. We all know, without a doubt, that this World is covered by those who would kill us all. Perhaps it is time for an end to gangs. Perhaps we who were forged on the Fringe, should pull together, and cast out that which Divides us. Perhaps it is time to grow up. Due to the efforts of brave people, I have learned that many of the people who have been dividing us have been serving a master. Some call it a God, some seek to use this demon for their own ends. Some are misguided, and have been tricked. The name of this master is Eidolon, and it is the enemy of all the free peoples of this world. Eclipse, Middian, Home. It has many names, but it is still the best world we have to live on. Eidolon seeks to tear apart the goodness in these fragile communities we have made. We refugees from Origo. And our new allies from other worlds, or who called this one their home long before we knew it existed. I urge all people of Good Heart to stand together, to resist. To listen to the Sermons of Rook, at the Compound. Sermons which were recorded, and played here in Downings. Of Preacher Jonas Hart, of our own Downings. Of Shanti Lalan, who I hear stories of from many settlements. J’Quon, or Alharon, […]

Morgan’s Landing Neutral

We, the rational people of Morgan’s Landing, have had a robust debate regarding the escalating conflict between our two largest neighbors. We declare our neutrality, and we wish to preserve the neutrality of Iron Town. Those traveling peacefully to or from the gate should be allowed to travelfreely within the village. Convoys bound to Morgan’s Landing, or Suzaki carrying peaceable supplies, should not be accosted on this continent. We will not be party to this unfortunate squabble. A peaceful way should be found for Juris Vinro and those accused to have a fair and open trial. And their guilt should be judged in all justice and accord. Failing that, we let you know that the people of Morgan’s Landing stand united in this. We will not allow our citizens to be robbed, beaten, abused, or murdered. Those who involve themselves in this conflict do so at their own risk. We will have fair and unimpeded access to the gate, and in return, we will stay out of your fights. And should you choose peace, we will be happy to help unite the continent in trust and mutual prosperity. I would ask for the assistance of like-minded people. The Gatekeepers, the Rangers, My son. Their allies. Anyone else. I ask for you to examine your conscience, and perhaps not send that shipment of guns into this conflict. Perhaps not murder each other. We need more empathy, and less arrogance. And if you feel that someone’s actions are unjust, maybe you don’t […]

Uncool raids must end!

So, seriously. This is your divine reporter from the world famous Library, Kitty Barclay. Well, the spring is slowly turning into summer again, but the only fashion we get is the latest in military fatigues. It’s all the rage now. No girl would be caught dead dating someone who’s not working to defend our home. And everyone knows that all the hottest guys are in uniforms this year. Even the one and only BAV signed up. And they’re not dating the girls who aren’t serving. So find out how you can serve, and be involved in the finest fashion of all. And really, our last shipment of materials and fabrics out of Atlantis was hijacked by those damned ruffians out of Elder’s Grove. Not that there aren’t some fashionable people in Elder’s Grove (I’m looking at you, Zebulon Mandragora. And of course Elder Cypress, in a classic sort of way.) I just can’t believe it. Right now, there are some big thuggy fringers roaming around in the finest purples on Eclipse. And so soft. We were going to make some amazing things this season. And then this happened. I mean, no one has seen Juris Vinro in weeks. Nobody knows what happens if we just turn him over, but it doesn’t seem right. You know what I mean? If they weren’t already attacking us, maybe we could talk. Well, I’m calling them out. I think Maxwell Quintain has a tiny little…finger. I think he needs to find women that are […]

Ephric attacks on the rise

Once extremely rare away from the webgates, there have been an alarming number of attacks by what one local scientist calls ‘Ephric Spirits’. What others might call ‘Chills’ or ‘Shivers’. This week alone, there have been sightings of five confirmed groups of the malignant creatures. They have been heroically dispatched by the Franja Partiers, and King Sigsour. It is a good thing that the Partiers have assumed responsibility for safeguarding the Imperial Way. No one critical has been killed in these attacks, but it is only a matter of time. No one seems to know where these entities are coming from, but they are much more common along less traveled webways. It is unknown as to what they were doing in Downings, other than attacking those they encountered. If there was any greater purpose, or why, it seems to be beyond us. Be afraid, Downings. But put your faith in King Sigsour. He’ll keep our homes Safe, and Free.