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Dust to Dust PC Feedback Form

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Did you get involved in any storylines or adventures during the event (personal or plot-driven)?

Were there any storylines, NPC's, or other in-play elements that detracted from your enjoyment at this event?

Were there any storylines, NPC's, or other in-play elements that especially added to your enjoyment at this event?

Did your character have any interactions with NPCs which might require follow-up? (i.e. promises/expectation of teaching, copies, news, trade, info, bargains, etc.)

Are there any storylines, NPC's, or In-Play elements your character would like to see more of at future events? Is there anything your character is particularly focused on?

Did your character's priorities, interests, or goals change as a result of this event?

What new things, if any, did you learn about the world/plot/mysteries of the universe this event?

Did you acquire any new rituals/formulas/magic items, have an item Named, or obtain any other kind of treasure this event? (If you had an item Named, please include the Name you picked, any enchantments on the item at time of naming, and what deed you feel has made the item worthy of a Name)

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your character?

Were there any out-of-game elements (check-in, check-out, lodging, food, scenery, props, rules changes, player behavior, etc) that particularly added to your experience this event?

Were there any out-of-game elements that particularly detracted from your experience this event?

Are there any out-of-game elements you would personally like to see added or emphasized in future events?

What Storylines, Monsters, and/or Characters were you involved with during your NPC time? Please list names, if you were playing named characters, and describe your interactions with the PCs.

Is there anything you would like to play or not play during future NPC shifts, or did you play something you'd really like to play again?

Are there any issues with the rules you feel should be addressed?

Did you notice anything during this event that you thought might be a potential safety hazard?

General Comments

*This area is for general information and communication with Plot about your character.