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Warrior Orders

Warriors have learned many cunning tricks to seize an advantage in battle, and they have passed these secrets down through generations. The nation of Gaunt boasts two such traditions: the Shieldeaters of Gaunt and the Dane’s Bulwark. Tarsikkan Nobles hunt werewolves and other monsters as part of their duty as members of the Silver Swordsmen. A hidden order of archers on Athral Isle calls themselves the Displaced Hand. In the Tower of Glass, Akathian spearmen learn the Sand Spire fighting style. Returned from the long disappeared Isle of Mazhan call themselves the Lost Blades. Even the Celestials have their own martial training: the dauntless Vanguard of Oriset. Finally, the Homunculi have learned the arts of two very different schools-- Ultaf and Krudrunis. These schools are available to PCs at start of play only with plot approval.

Shieldeaters of Gaunt Photo of a Dane's Bulwark warrior

This school of berserkers takes its name from their techniques of destroying an enemy's shield. Their training toughens them to the point that they can shrug off blows that would cripple even a knight in plate armor. Shieldeaters wield any axe, hammer, or two-handed weapon, and must have Pain Resistance. They may not wear armor or any kind of shield. They accept humans from Gaunt, Oresund, and the Principalities into their ranks.

Dane's Bulwark

This school of guardsmen are trained to defend the Dane, the monarch of Gaunt. The school itself is steady at one hundred members, and only admits new students when someone is promoted into the Dane's personal guard. They prove themselves worthy of this honor through contests of valor and skill. The Dane's Bulwark fight with longsword or long axe, a large round shield (this size and shape are mandatory), and up to medium armor. They must have Acute Hearing and Strong Will. They accept humans from Gaunt and Athral Isle into their ranks.

Vanguard of Oriset

This school of celestial warriors are trained to use Light in coordination with their weapon training. With this training, they are incomparable foes of shadow creatures. Founded by the legendary celestial named Oriset, they shun the use of Realms other than Light alone; those who have so much as initiated into another Realm are unable to join this school. They may use any long weapon, hand-and-a-half weapon, or two-handed weapon. They must be at least novices in Celestial Ways and, as indicated, may not align with any Realm other than Light. They may wear up to heavy armor and use any size of shield, though tradition within the school strongly favors the use of the glaive or other hand-and-a-half weapons and keeping the other hand free for spellcasting. This school is, obviously, restricted to celestials.

Displaced Hand

This school of skilled performers are trained to use bows, crossbows, or thrown weapons. They sponsor or host festivals and competitions for both demonstration and recruitment. It is whispered that they turn their talents to espionage as well. In addition to the weapons listed above, members must also possess Acute Sight and Ambidexterity. Students of the Displaced Hand may wear light armor, but may not wear any kind of shield. They accept humans from Athral Isle, the Principalities, and the Tharici into their ranks.

Sand Spire Photo of a Sand Spire warrior

This Warrior Order began as form of fighting for elite military units within the Caliphate, but as those first captains and generals grew older, they took on apprentices they found worthy. This diverse fighting school is one of the true treasures of Akathia, and has withstood the test of time. During the rigors of training, Sand Spire schools become close-knit, and compete against other schools for practice and entertainment. This has turned into a sport in Akathia, and true masters are treated as heroes and given gifts and treasures for their fighting prowess. Lately the school has fought to reclaim areas of the Sultanate, focused more than ever on fighting back the ghuls. The Sand Spire student may use halberds, glaives, or spears. They may wear up to medium armor and any size of shield. They must possess Acute Hearing and at least one level of the Advantage Resist Disease. The school accepts humans of the Caliphate of Dusk or the Tharici.

Silver Swordsmen of Tarsikka

The Silver Swordsmen of Tarsikka consist mostly of Tarsikkan nobility, or those associated with the nobility in some way. They patrol the lands of Tarsikka, fighting creatures of Shadow and lycanthropes. It is their duty to keep the land safe and to protect the commoners. A tough, no-nonsense breed, they rely on their moral compass and sense of duty to guide their every action. Though compassionate in their own way, they are quick to judge if decisive action is needed. Even their basic abilities require a sword that has at least been silvered. The Silver Swordsman of Tarsikka may use their maneuvers with any size of sword, individually or dual-wielded. They may wear up to heavy armor, and shields no larger than bucklers. They must have Acute Hearing and Strong Will. The school accepts humans of Tarsikka.

Lost Blades of Mazhan

The Mazhani were fierce warriors that had a strong sense of honor. This honor was visible in the traditional martial school of Mazhan, known as the Blades of Mazhan. The Blades of Mazhan were known for their use of hand and a half blades and short swords, though some used long swords and short swords. Students of the school were also expected to maintain care of a ceremonial dagger or short sword for ritual purposes. This school was lost to the world at the end of the First Age. They specifically wield blades of mismatched length. They must learn any two of dagger, short sword, longsword, or bastard sword, and must be trained in Florentine style. They may wear up to medium armor, but may not wear shields of any kind. They must possess Pain Resistance. This school is only available to Returned from Mazhan. Be aware that finding teaching for this school is challenging in the modern era.

Ultaf Photo of Ultaf Warrior

This school of homunculi warriors, trained by their ritualist masters, teaches its students to be either consummate bodyguards or wizard-slayers. These are divergent and mutually exclusive paths within the school. Many of their abilities rely on a homunculus's innate ability to power (though not initiate) magical rituals. The instructors of Ultaf are universally non-homunculi; the school's secrets are passed down between ritualists, to be taught to their servant homunculi. Even so, some students of Ultaf have used their incredible abilities to throw off their shackles rather than fighting their master's foes. Training as a bodyguard requires the use of a shield, while training as a wizard-slayer forbids the use of a shield. Ultaf warriors must wear medium or heavy armor to use their abilities, and must have at least five bones of ritual power, Healing Ways, Acute Sight, and Acute Hearing.


This school of homunculi, also known as the Path of Exaltation, have studied grafting and preservation extensively, and thus glean more knowledge and power from their grafted claws or glands than other homunculi do. The organization and even the existence of the Krudrunis is a matter of utmost secrecy, as they struggle to free their people from mental and physical servitude to humanity. The abilities of the Path of Exaltation focus on the natural state and affinities of the homunculus, and are closely tied to the workings of alchemy. Krudrunis warriors must take on either claw grafts or gland grafts, and must know both Healing Ways and Chirurgery. They may wear any type of armor, though shields are not allowed by the school. Some advanced powers of the school require specially prepared grafts in order to perform the maneuvers of the school.