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The Land

Ton Isiq was a city state on the shore of the Eastern Hidargo Sea. Blue waters and coral reefs could be seen from the city. The city sat at the edge of a natural bay that was often filled with ships. The land around the city was pastoral and green. Streams from a nearby mountain brought fresh water to the coast. Farms covered the rolling hills for miles around, and the city maintained local roads.

The city itself was a marvel to behold. The walls of the city stood high and wide, painted with the local coral. Numerous murals reflected scenes from history or legend. The city's buildings were equally colorful, in blues and deep reds, with roofs covered in gold leaf to catch the sun. It was said ships far out at sea, at certain times of day, could still see the gleam of the city.

The two most memorable sites in the city are the Grand Dome of the Cabals and the Palace of the Gate. The former stood well above the other buildings in the city and housed the Library of Halidon Idana, the Magus's home, and halls where the cabals met and worked. The Palace of the Gate was built into the city's western wall. Most legal rulings were made here.