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The Ton Isiq Gate

The Ton Isiq Gate was one of the wonders of the First Age. It was sometimes thought of as a vault, but was in truth a prison. It had stood for centuries, and the legends surrounding it were numerous. The most common legend says Sychriros built it into the western wall before the Night of Secrets. With this powerful magic he brought peace to the city. It is said he imprisoned those who caused the most conflict, and the rest fell in line.

Another legend states it has always been there, but knowledge of it was lost for ages. According to this story, it was built by the people of the prior civilization. More fanciful tales speak of travelers from outlandish and exotic places making the gate.

The gate itself was opened with ritual magic that took a full cabal to cast. Anything placed beyond the gate was removed from the world. Their influence on the world was ended more finally than simply dying. The secrets of its operation were unknown to most, but it did allow for the safe and seemingly eternal storage of people and objects too dangerous or too important to leave lying around.