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Documents and Statements from the Diet of Tionna

Published by Brother Elvin Preminger of Luzerne City. These being a sampling of the various letters, documents, and treatises presented at the Diet of Tionna, from various sources.

Letters Addressing the Diet

Formal Statements addressing the Diet

Theological Treatises

  • A Comparison of the Celestial and the Human-- by Brother Kidav Trent of Western Trempa. a treatise on the nature of the Human contrasted with the Celestial, based on his time with certain Celestials who have found service with Knights who favor the philosophy of the Ivory Sun. To be published soon.
  • On the Grim Prison and the Teachings of the Redwood Throne-- by the Penitent Scribe. A treatise presented at the Diet of Tionna, on the nature of the Returned and the place from which they come.
  • On Reincarnation in the Context of the Returned-- by Sister Conna of the Silver Perch Sept of Gaunt. A treatise describing the ways in which the Return of the Hallowed Dead complements the existing Canon of the Redwood Throne. Currently under revision.



  • The Edict of Tionna-- The formal decree of the Patriarch in response to the Deliberations at Tionna, as of 31 July, 1212.
  • A Warning Against the "Fallen"-- a Warning issued by the Throne in light of statements made by a number of Celestials, particularly Savarel and Zyrial.