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The Barrows

The Barrows is a game for two players, for which each player needs a double-six set of dominoes and a set of 30 or so colored stones or beads. The two players should have different colors of stones from one another.

To set up the board, each player places two bones in the corner of the board nearest their left hands (the black tiles in the diagram). These bones must match according to normal rules (touching ends of the bones have the same number of pips). These may be any bones in the player’s set, as the player draws his hand after this step.

Following setup, each player shuffles their bones (separately) and draws a hand of five bones. Randomly determine which player goes first. That player places one domino on any line on the board; if it touches an existing bone, the touching ends must match. When a player completes any square, including squares composed of smaller squares, the player places one of her primary-colored stones in the center of that square.

At the start of any turn, a player may either play a bone or shuffle her entire hand back into her bone pile and redraw five new bones. A player may not redraw if her draw pile is empty. Drawing a new hand ends the player's turn.

Completing the large open center square allows the player to place four stones in its center.

The game ends when both players are unable to play a bone.

To determine the final score, count the beads each player has placed.