Dust to Dust - A Fantasy LARP
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The world of Dust to Dust approaches the High Middle Ages.

Within the past century, the civilized nations of the world have seen the development of windmills, papermaking, spinning wheels, the magnetic compass, eyeglasses, and the astrolabe. Mail and leather are the most common forms of armor; plate is in its earliest stages. Gunpowder is entirely unknown. Bows and crossbows are the most powerful ranged weapons that an individual could wield.

Brewing is a known and respected skill, and every village has a few people capable of making poultices to aid the sick and the injured. More advanced study, including the art of Alchemy, is far less common; most people have no understanding of alchemy’s principles.

Physickers practice humorial medicine, a theory created by Grote Ouder, a student of alchemy and dabbler in medicine in the Hulder. This practice relies heavily on leechcraft to correct the imbalances of humors within the body.