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Sequentia: Thes habet er ubar woroltring

Popular with: Gauntish Throne Faithful, Athral Gauntish, Northern Eisenmark
Unpopular/Unknown with: Athral Natives, Anti-Throne Gauntish, other nations.
Notes: A relatively recent song, popular with the Gauntish who are

For the entire world a judgement has been set, before a powerful court, and we must fear it. I say this loudly: there will be no one who can avoid appearing before this court!

[Refrain]: When faced judgement it will go well for those who need not worry about their past deeds, and against whom in that hour no accusation can be brought; for them, protection and a path to safety will still be possible!

Even those wretches who have lived on earth just as they pleased, they too will have to appear. It’s difficult for me to say this: all who were born of woman must be present (my heart is terrified at the thought!), to account for their deeds, one after the other, without exception. A woeful judgement day! [Refrain]

There will be no help, believe me, for anyone; nor will anyone be able to escape. Everyone who is convicted there will suffer the eternal pain of punishment. [Refrain]

Do you know what the prophet says about this time? She says there will be great agony. You can hear her words: it is a day of anger, of struggle, of suffering and countless terrors. On that day the angels will loudly blow their horns, which will resound over the earth to awaken the dead. [Refrain]

It is the day of storms and darkness – woe! All sinners will be swept away. What more can I possibly say? It is a day of immense suffering. [Refrain]

Have you heard the prophesies, which tell how the Throne will appear threateningly from above, and shake the heavens,? Who on earth could then resist, when the Storm causes even the heavens to quake? Keep this image in your mind: The heavens will be folded up as if in a powerful hand, like a book snapped shut. [Refrain]

Truly, this day can be compared with no other, and there can be no thought of escaping it. There will be no way to quickly make a secret plan of evasion; even the smallest thought will become known, this is certain! [Refrain].

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