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Photo of a ReturnedThe Returned

The graves surrender up their honored dead. No more shall the heroes of long ago lie forgotten; they too come forth to do battle. Though their skin bears the pallor of the grave, there can be no doubt that they have the will to be heroes once again. Yet even they can remember almost nothing of the world in which they once lived. They seek to reclaim the heroic legacy that is their true nature, and thus regain their humanity. As they remember more of what they once were, they find that a variety of incredible abilities can be theirs once again. They can also learn ritualism, forge magic, inscription, and alchemy.

The Returned hail from the long-disappeared nations of the First Age.

If you are considering playing a Returned, please read Creating a New Character for some things to keep in mind when writing your character history.

Racial Traits

  • Returned may recall combat techniques and magical arts that have been entirely lost in the modern day, though they will be unable to teach these talents to others. For each Heroic Code rule that the Ancient adopts, he may spend 10 xp on the Arts of the Ancients.
  • Returned recall rules of honor and virtue that are nearly forgotten now. Through these rules, they can regain the vitality that The Grim Prison leeched from them, and they can recall the Arts of the Ancients. Ancients are never required to adopt Heroic Code rules, but they will linger in a tormented half-life until they remember what they are meant to be. At character creation, a Returned may have one Heroic Code rule. At 100 xp, he may adopt a second; at 150, a third; at 200, a fourth; and an additional rule for every 100 xp thereafter. Some rules blatantly contradict one another; no one Returned may follow contradictory rules.
  • All Returned characters have Diminished Healing: Celestial Light Magic and Totemic Light Magic at character creation. The characters receive no character points for this Disadvantage.
  • Returned gain the advantage associated with their chosen Culture.

Makeup Requirements: At start of play, Returned appear as undead, with white skin, black around the eyes, and sunken cheekbones. Returned can reasonably expect to have their makeup requirements change or completely go away during play.