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Photo of a HomunculusRaces

Dust to Dust is host to many intelligent cultures and lifeforms, however, only four races are available to PCs at this time.

Humans - Run of the mill; no pointy ears or feathery growths. Humans come in a variety of cultures and flavors. The world of Dust to Dust is largely populated by this race.

Homunculi - Humanoid figures comprised of stitched parts from various sources. Individuals of this race were created through powerful magic and are largely disdained by most humans.

Celestials - The decended Host of Heaven come to the mortal realm. They have shed their immortality to join the battle against the Most Foul. Their skins are marked with messages of the higher realms they no longer remember.

The Returned - The dead returned to life. These once-heroes have returned, remembering little of their living years. While their skin bears the pallor of one given to the grave, their will is very much alive.