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The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate ruled, if the accounts can be believed, until what is known as the Day of Transformation. In 965 TE, the Pentaverate stated that they had to leave the lands of Oresund, and that it was time for the people of Oresund to take the reins of their fate into their own hands and stand alone. The Pentaverate decreed:

"three tribes shall Oresund be,
forever a land of three,
chosen from all,
the council falls,
under the king's decree:

one of three the warrior's might,
one of three have history's sight,
the last of three alone,
picked from the ritualist's bones,
make the glow of Oresund's light."

Since that time, the three tribes of Oresund have shared rulership over the land, each offering a ritualist, a historian, and a warrior to serve on the ruling council, with a king or queen selected from amongst their ranks, and never the same role twice in a row. After that day, the Pentaverate disappeared, claiming that they would forever watch over the land of Oresund and send them trials and tests. Should the nation survive their tribulations, the five would return, to forever guard and teach the land of Oresund.

In the time since, they have not returned, but it remains an important part of Oresund's history. The five are venerated as gods within the lands of Oresund, forever influencing the people and the land.

The Pentaverate was comprised of:

  • Ukonnen (OO koh nen), who controlled the battle and the storm. Ukonnen was seen as having influence over love, fury, luck and the home, as well.
  • Murha (MOO rah), the mighty general. Murha was seen as the god of war, destruction, the bonds of brotherhood, healing, dreams, and ice.
  • Kirjano (KEER yahno), the twisting muse. Kirjano was known as being the impetus behind song, inspiration, passion, misfortune, secrets, shadow and truths.
  • Taito (TAI toh), the benevolent mistress. Taito was worshiped by crafters and workers of forge magic, who venerated her for her power over the forge, the flame, creation, wealth, beauty, and retribution.
  • Vastaus (WAH stows), Law-Father. Vastaus was sometimes seen as the chief god of the five, due to his demeanor and the actions of the others, though it was never stated as such. Vastaus was known as the god of oblivion, light, strength, nature, wisdom, knowledge, tyranny, mercy, and judgment.

Many of these concepts seem strange and contrary, but to the people of Oresund, they were facets of the multitudes of the Pentaverate's powers and domains. Indeed, rites and ceremonies were developed in different ways to please certain aspects of these gods. Many of the people of Oresund still practice these rites and pray to the Pentaverate for strength and guidance. They believe that one day, the Pentaverate will return and lead them to a higher glory than any could ever know.