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Map of OresundThe Land

Oresund is divided into thirds, each section nominally controlled by a separate clan, though inter-clan squabbles are not uncommon. Outwardly, the clans are relatively friendly with each other, as cooperation is an absolute requirement for continued survival. This doesn't mean that everyone gets along all of the time. A number of severe blood feuds have required crown intervention to stop them from engulfing entire regions in armed and magical conflict. The most notable feuds are between the line of Bergmar the Herald (BURG mar) and the line of Arnsteinn the Grim (ARNS teen), both of Clan Finbrandur; the line of Hessu (HAY su) of Clan Nokkvi (NOAK vi) and the line of Jatgeir (YAWT geer) of Clan Rosskjel (ROWSS chell); and the bloodiest conflict of all, the lines of Patrekeur (PA tray keh oor), Coastal Warden of the Northern Farthness, of Clan Finbrandur and the line of Rafnhildur (RAF neel der), Witch of the Eastern Desolation, of Clan Rosskjel. This last feud ended in the king posting military forces in the town of Danbraeg (DAHN braig), one of the largest towns in the Eastern portion of Findebran, and banning the possession of weapons during times of non-eminent threat. The feud itself was so bloody that the population was set back half a generation while the young male children recovered enough to start families of their own.

Each territory has three cities that are of any respectable size, with numerous enclaves and villages spread throughout, particularly in Findebran where most of the region's fish and rice are produced. Findebran is home to Eksansa (Ehk SAN sa), a city on the coast with a freezing harbor; Audleberg (AWD uhl berg) in the West, northeast of the border with Nokkviln (NOAK veeln), and a center for industry and modern culture; and Danbraeg, the largest city in Findebran and the most militarily active because of its close proximity to Troll Country and the ongoing feuds. Kjellunde (CHELL oon duh) holds the powderkeg city of Fridlevur (FREED uhl ver) in the North, closest to Findebran and the most frequent location of troll incursions; the seat of the Unbroken Circlet and Oresund's most populous and developed city, Dunaldur; and Roalvin (RO awl vi), the center of most wood production in Oresund in the Southeast. Nokkviln holds the border city of Skofti (SKOHF ti), which often faces challenges from Gauntish raiders seeking the raw ore of the area and the finished goods that the smiths and forge mages produce. It also has the coastal town of Ingimundur, producers of clay, glass and agricultural goods, and the Northern inland town of Jonnhild (YOWN heeld) within its borders.