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Spear-Banners played a long and colorful role in the history of Ophira. Spear-banners were long pieces of cloth tied to spears and planted near their owners when in battle. Spear-banners often carried the traditions and stories of other warriors on them, commemorating the storied warriors of the past. Each was unique to its bearer in battle, and these banners covered the field of battle when two tribes clashed. Each banner carried the colors of the tribe and a symbol to designate the warrior's tribe to avoid confusion of banners in battle. Tradition was that these banners were collected after battles, rather than during the conflict. To steal or destroy a spear-banner during combat brought dishonor on the one that destroyed it. These banners were often crafted by ritualists and alchemists that supported the spear-warriors. These spear-banners became prized possessions of tribes and were passed down, each generation adding to their legacy and enhancing them. Some spear-banners were reported to do amazing things when handled by those that owned the legacy scrawled across them.

Their great spears and spear-banners contributed to Ophira's reputations for fierce and disciplined warriors.